Frontal system in much of the country leaves one deceased, alerts for floods and authorities indicate that we “remain below for a normal year”

Onemi authorities, together with the Meteorological Directorate, delivered a new balance in the middle of the frontal system that has been registered in a large part of the central north and central south of the country since last Wednesday.

According to information from emmolexplained that the rains have caused roadblocks between the regions of Coquimbo and La Araucanía, in addition to the activation of streams and boulders that caused traffic accidents and flooding.

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In addition, the death of a 54-year-old homeless woman who lost her life after a tree fell on the tent where she slept with her partner was reported.

According to information from emmolthe director of Onemi, Ricardo Toro, said that accumulation of ice and snow has also been reported in different locations and that more than 58,000 customers are without power, most in the Metropolitan region and Valparaíso.

“All these reported incidents are dealt with at the local level, supported by the regional Disaster Prevention and Response systems and sectoral levels, whose authorities have been deployed on the ground,” he said.

On the other hand, the meteorologist of the Meteorological Directorate of Chile, Arnaldo Zúñiga, made a positive assessment regarding the amount of rain that has concentrated -so far- in the central zone of the country.

“Although it has rained a lot, we still remain slightly below for a normal year, practically from Ñuble to the Coquimbo Region. We are close in what is Araucanía to Los Lagos, but we still have winter so it is good news for anyway,” he said.

Along the same lines, Zúñiga delivered the Meteorology forecast for the next few days and assured that during this Saturday, the lowest temperatures of the frontal system will be recorded.

“We are experiencing low temperatures with this wind in which the thermal sensation decreases a lot and that is what is coming. Tomorrow the minimum will be around 2 degrees and the maximum should not exceed 8-9 degrees in the central zone. The same is repeated further south, and the frosts are already arriving on Saturday, with temperatures below zero, around -1 and -2 in practically all the valleys and the maximums would be rising around 9-11 degrees ” , he detailed.


As a consequence of the meteorological event, where new rains are expected for this Thursday and Friday in Coquimbo, Onemi updated the preventive early warning that has been in force since July 11 of this year. This warns of possible electrical storms and floods in the region.

Through their website, they detailed that “according to the information provided by the National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin), in its technical minute, it is indicated that the possibility of occurrence of mass removals, such as debris flow ( landslides, landslides and/or rock falls, landslides) is high for the sectors indicated by the meteorological alert”.

In the O’Higgins region, in the Lolol commune, rainwater was reported to enter four homes in Villa Hernán Mascaró. According to Onemi, the residents -for the moment- are staying with relatives.

Four other houses were flooded in the Bucalemu sector in the Paredones commune. Given this, the Firefighter, in conjunction with municipal personnel, attended to the situation. Meanwhile, shots have been recorded at kilometer 5 of Route G-880, in the Christmas district.

Due to the recorded snowfall, the decree of suspension of vehicular traffic on Route I-45 between the La Rufina and Termas del Flaco sectors, in the San Fernando district, was maintained. Likewise, the preventive closure of Route I-572 remained in place due to the presence of a sinkhole at the Quihue bridge.

In the Maule region, specifically in the Cauquenes commune, one person was reported affected and a house with major damage due to the flooding of the infrastructure in the Liucura sector.

According to Onemi, the affected person was transferred by municipal personnel to a residence, which has been used as a shelter.

In addition, in the same region there have been tree falls and minor injuries in different sectors of Parral and Linares.

In the Ñuble region, flooding has occurred on rural roads in the communes of Pemuco and Trehuaco. In addition, the interruption of Route N-31 in the Las Mercedes and Los Puquios sectors was reported due to the presence of snow on the roads and fallen trees.

In Biobío there are more than 3,990 people who are isolated in the commune of Alto Biobío and in Lota, flooding and removals occurred.


According to the latest update from the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC), there are more than 71,000 customers without power nationwide. The Metropolitan region, Valparaíso and O’Higgins have been the most affected.

It should be noted that at around 10:00 am this Thursday, the supervisory body reported 69,000 customers without electricity, so the number has continued to rise over the hours.

According to the SEC, currently 98.9% of customers have normal electricity service. However, only in the Metropolitan region there are 13,025 homes without electricity, while Valparaíso has 10,058, O’Higgins 9,768 and Atacama 8,681 homes without electricity.

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