From televisions and toys, but taking care of the pocket, this is how people turn to shops

From televisions and toys, but taking care of the pocket, this is how people turn to shops

December 16, 2022, 5:05 PM

December 16, 2022, 5:05 PM

Sales are not slowing down this end of the year. Despite a difficult economic context, as a result of the 36-day strike, the different commercial stores and even popular fairs in Santa Cruz look full. Yes indeed, a common element unites everyone: low prices and promotions. This has been the hook for stores to have a good flow of sales.

It is a very open question, since the demand does not focus only on toys because it is at Christmas time. Although the sale of these products is important, the movement is just as dynamic in different segments.

Luis Fernando Saavedra, CEO of Dismac, explained that it is difficult to say which products people carry the most because there are different segments that are served by the company.

He explained that for example the sale is equally, whether in household products, such as televisions and household appliancess, or entertainment items such as video game consoles and toys in general.

To keep the flow going, Dismac kept his low price and credit policy that have allowed to have good results in its different segments.

People are prioritizing buying lower value products and financing them. That is why the long term of 15 installments is an important hook”, he pointed out.

Between popular products are televisions, consoles and bicycles. The demand is high in these segments, but the range is very wide, indicated from Dismac.

We have more than 5,000 products, there is a very wide range and with mini-quotas access is more effective. We are the most complete store when it comes to offering solutions to the family. We have a balanced mix”, said Saavedra.

Eliete Malpartida, Camsa’s national Marketing manager, explained that during the first half of December there was a significant sales flow of televisions and items related to this product such as speakers, stereos and even accessories for barbecues.

The increase is due to the soccer world cup, although according to Malpartida, in recent days the demand for the product has dropped.

Now as Christmas approaches, people begin to see possible gifts for the family. We have also seen a great demand for bicycles, toys, cell phones and more. We are ready to serve people who want to shop for Christmas Eve,” he said.

He argued that now people are looking for payment facilities. That is why the company opted for a payment plan in installments of up to 15 monthly installments.

“In these last days, Camsa will have several offers. On Monday we are activating its great Christmas savings fair, with savings of up to 50%, both in physical stores and in our exclusive online catalogue. In addition, everyone who buys in our physical or virtual stores is going to receive a World Cup soccer ball, ”he said.

At the Barrio Lindo fair, what abounds are toys. In a tour carried out by EL DEBER it is observed that there are toys from Bs 5.

Among the most popular are the Transformers and superhero dolls. Other most sought after toys are the Picadinha, Alicia and Lovely dolls.

Miguel Quisbert, a merchant who has his stall in the Mexico hall of the Acronal Block of this fair, pointed out that little by little sales are recovering after the 36 days of strike that Santa Cruz complied with.

We are not complaining, we are making up for lost time, even though we are close to Christmas“, he pointed.

Other of the most sought-after products in Barrio Lindo are tricycles, skateboards, bicycles, skateboards, and skates for all ages, which are available at one of the stalls in the Acronal Block.

Prices are from Bs 250 up to Bs 550.

The Christmas atmosphere is also felt on Avenida Brasil. There, from this Saturday 17 to December 21, around 190 entrepreneurs and different artists will exhibit their art and talent at the Christmas Fair, installed in the Mega Mall.

This initiative is promoted by the Bolivian Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (Camebol), the Avenida Brasil Megacentre and the Departmental Youth Council.

“These institutions support entrepreneurs to exhibit their products and reach a new consumer segment”, explained Rosario Estevez, president of Camebol.

Painting, decoration, typical handicrafts, fabrics, jewelry, clothing, footwear, as well as candles and handmade soaps and beauty and personal care items will be displayed at the fair.

“The population will be able to purchase a wide variety of products at affordable prices. We invite everyone to visit the fair event, since we have prepared a family atmosphere and we will have different shows for family entertainment”, said Estevez.

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