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From Paraguay they call for “constructive dialogue” to preserve democracy in Peru

Paraguay called on Wednesday the actors and political forces of Peru to a “constructive dialogue” that allows the preservation of democracy in that country, after the now former president Pedro Castillo was dismissed by Congress after being accused of attempting a coup d’état and Dina Boluarte took over as her replacement.

Source: EFE

“The Republic of Paraguay expresses its concern about the situation in Peru”, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its Twitter account.

In addition, on behalf of the Abdo government, he called for a “constructive dialogue between all the actors and political forces to preserve democracy and its institutions in favor of stability and pacification in that sister country.”

Castillo put an end to his turbulent mandate this Wednesday by dictating an extemporaneous closure of Congress, described by the majority as a coup d’état, hours before a motion to dismiss was voted on in Parliament that, according to all accounts, was not going to prosper.

Far from being intimidatedCongress closed the doors of the Legislative Palace and, before the impassiveness of police and military who never left their barracks or police stations, advanced the vote on the vacancy (removal) motion.

While Castillo’s future is unknown, Boluarte went to Congress to be sworn in as the first female president of Peru in 200 years of republican history.

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