From ministers to ‘influencers’, this was the entry of public figures into the Great Power

June 3, 2023, 11:07 PM

June 3, 2023, 11:07 PM

The 2023 version of the folkloric entry of Gran Poderwhich was held this Saturday in the city of La Paz, had the participation of a series of public figures from different areas of the country.

Throughout the entire course of the celebration, several well-known politicians, singers, television presenters and content generators on social networks were observed.

Among them, he highlighted, for example, the participation of the Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Pradawho danced morenada and claimed to have fulfilled one of his dreams.

“Today I fulfilled one of my dreams: dancing morenada in the Great Power! I am a camba proud to also have colla roots and to feel my blood vibrate to the rhythm of the morenada,” the government authority wrote on its Facebook account.

The Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, He also danced morenada, said that the Great Power “unites us” because it is a “party for everyone” and thanked all the people who expressed their support during his presentation.

Gabriela Alcón, Vice Minister of Communicationis another of the authorities who decided to dance morenada and assured that she was very excited to have participated in the main folkloric entrance of La Paz.

I’m excited to be a part of this party. The Festival of Señor Jesús del Gran Poder is an impressive manifestation of our cultural richness (and for that reason it is) Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, he remarked.

Another of the public figures that generated the most public attention was singer Bonny Lovy.

The interpreter of “La cumbia boliviana” was in the same block of morenada along with several other media characters, such as the singer Luis Vegathe presenter of Sabores Bolivianos cat well and the presenter of Mustache paul machine.

“This whole row is crazy, with all the great power,” Pozo said in a story posted on his Instagram account.

Photos: RRSS.
Photos: RRSS.

Likewise, the presenter and actress Chimo Salas He danced in a brunette and expressed his emotion on social networks.

However, not all of them chose to be part of the different blocks of morenadas and this is the case of the secretary Municipal Department of Cultures and Tourism of La Paz, Rodney Mirandawho danced caporales.

“I share a little of my experience in the Great Power 2023reaffirming once again my faith and devotion to Tatita del Gran Poder”, he wrote on his social networks.

The singer, actress and presenter, Paola Belmonte, also made a difference by participating in a fraternity of the Incas and, as expected, together with the famous “Incas”.

That is to say, Franco de la Cuenca and Alejandro Ledezmawho They became famous precisely in a past version of the Great Power when dancing showing off their muscular bodies.

The “Incas”, as in several other festivities, participated with bodyguards, who tried to prevent people from crowding together to take pictures with these characters.

Photos: RRSS
Photos: RRSS

Wally Zeballossinger and leader of the group PKDos, is another public figure who chose to dance in a different dance.

The interpreter of “Si tú no estás” was part of a kullawada ensemble. “This is Bolivian folklore, this is Bolivian music and this is PKDos for all of you,” the artist emphasized.

So these and other well-known characters were part of some of the more than 70 fraternities that participated in the Feast of Jesus of the Lord of Great Powerwhich in this administration celebrated 100 years of tradition.

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