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From Cuba to Mexican soap operas: the story of Yare Santana

De Cuba a las telenovelas mexicanas: la historia de Yare Santana

Mexico City, Mexico.- A Yare Santana the we saw for the first time on screen as Maripepa in the novel “Santa María del Porvenir”. It was the year 2012 and the actress, at that time, she was just 18 years old and had just graduated from the National School of Art (ENA).

Her next step was another telenovela, “Cuando el amor no acacia”, where she played Laritza, a rebellious teenager with family conflicts. She, along with her, also her face became popular after participating in several video clips and conducting music programs. Yare Santana’s artistic life was going from strength to strength on the island, but the young interpreter wanted to go one step further and try her luck in Mexico, where her mother and her brother lived. She arrived in that country in 2015 to study at the CEA (Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa).

“Getting here was starting from scratch, starting to meet people, seeing how productions worked here. Even working on my accent because I didn’t get much work precisely because I had a very pronounced accent. So it was a very complicated process, but little by little everything was happening ”, he recounted in an interview.

Since he arrived on Aztec land, his rise on Mexican television has not stopped. Yare was selected as part of the cast of the television series “El Vuelo de Victoria”. She would later be part of the programs “El Dragón: The return of a warrior” and “Rooms for rent.”

The talent of the young actress led her to “Como caído del cielo”, a Netflix movie. The film gives a peculiar version of the story of Pedro Infante, who in the tape comes back to life to redeem himself with his relatives for his multiple infidelities. The famous musician occupies the body of an impersonator and goes in search of his offspring. Yare plays Infante’s granddaughter.

The last relevant role of the actress was in the second season of “Pasión de Gavilanes”, the famous telenovela that covers “Still Waters”. In that space, she gave life to Gaby, the daughter of Sarita Elizondo and Franco Reyes (played by Natasha Klauss and Michel Brown).

Cast “Pasión de Gvailanes” (Photo: Yare Santana networks)

“You have no idea how happy I feel. I wanted for a long time to share this happiness with you, ”she wrote on Instagram. “Being on set surrounded by people you admire not only for their work, but also as human beings, beautiful, generous people, who put their souls in and give everything. THANK YOU. I feel so lucky,” Yare recounted when she announced the news. In this space she was together with the also Cuban Mario Cimarro (Juan Reyes in fiction).

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