From Carapeguá they call for life imprisonment for the crime of the young Fernando Báez

From Carapeguá they call for life imprisonment for the crime of the young Fernando Báez

After almost three years of an intense demand for justice, the oral and public trial against the eight rugby players accused of the tragic murder of Fernando Báez Sosa, son of Paraguayans, which occurred in January 2020 in Argentina, began this past Monday in the middle of of strong accusations by relatives and professionals.

Fernando’s parents, Silvino Báez and Graciela Sosa, are from Carapeguá, Department of Paraguarí, and their relatives are watching the oral trial on the young man’s murder from that city. Pastor Sosa, the victim’s uncle, commented that this Saturday they began chains of prayers to cry out that the process be carried out with justice. He himself expressed that they want life sentences for those responsible.

The crime of the son of compatriots generated a great commotion both in the country and in Argentina, where the follow-up of the case monopolized all the media attention at the time. The victim’s uncle stated that 22 sessions are scheduled to be held in the trial and that the verdict would be delivered on January 31.

Those accused of Fernando’s death are Máximo Thomsen (21), Ciro Pertossi (21), Luciano Pertossi (20), Lucas Pertossi (22), Enzo Comelli (21), Matías Benicelli (22), Blas Cinalli (20), Ayrton Viollaz (22), Juan Pedro Guarino (20) and Alejo Milanesi (20), who are accused of aggravated homicide for treachery and the premeditated cooperation of two or more people.

For five days and until last Friday, witnesses, relatives and friends testified in the Courts of Dolores, Province of Buenos Aires, all possible points of view to clarify the facts. The testimonies were key to reaffirm the participation of the accused. There were acknowledgments and various details that refer to the accused. The testimonials will last until next Tuesday.

Fernando Burlando, lawyer for the Báez Sosa family, was blunt in his statements stating that “it was an execution, the authors did not think of stopping until they saw him dead.” The professional emphasized that the accused made the deliberate decision to kill Fernando that early morning in January 2020.

He assured that the responsibility lies not only with those who delivered the blows, but also with those who prevented him from being helped. The defendants would have already had a previous discussion with Fernando and some friends at the Le Brique nightclub, being removed for this reason from the place. Already outside, the group of eight ambushed the now deceased and brutally attacked him.

All of them were charged with aggravated homicide and the lawyer for the victim’s family requested a life sentence for those involved. In the framework of the homicide investigation, two young men named Juan Pedro Guarino and Alejo Milanesi, accused at the beginning for being necessary participants, were dismissed.

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