From a “common framework” to a “more general”: President Boric’s proposals for the new Constitution

The President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, who is in the middle of his visit to New York, United States, referred to the second stage of the constitutional process in Chile. This, one day before the meeting of the parties that seek to channel the new Magna Carta.

In this sense, he stated that “the Government has an opinion on how to continue. However, we also understand that our main role today is to facilitate that agreement and govern, to take charge of today’s emergencies. Therefore, I do not intend guide Congress regarding the content of the agreement”.

In his opinion, he pointed out that “the idea that the new Constitution can be reached only through an agreement between the political parties, or a group of experts appointed by the political parties, seems to me that it would not respond to the mandate that the people of Chile established in the entry plebiscite. That is a fairly general consensus”.

“What I hope will happen is that we have a new Convention, with clearer borders, which will have to be defined in the conversation that is taking place today in Congress; with perhaps shorter deadlines, taking into account previous experience; and with the support of a committee of experts or people who contribute to making the discussion easier and more digestible for everyone,” he added.

Likewise, he addressed the commitment of Chile Vamos with the elaboration of a new Constitution, where he hopes that a consensus will be achieved that guides the next Fundamental Charter.

“I think it has to be a common framework that allows politics to ask the questions that we haven’t asked ourselves yet, and hopefully there will be a quick consensus in Chile to also give everyone certainty. In Chile there is a lot of exhaustion regarding this,” hill.

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