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From a budget of almost 14 thousand million pesos, the INE intends to save $223.3 million this year

From a budget of almost 14 thousand million pesos, the INE intends to save $223.3 million this year

Fabiola Martinez

Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday January 21, 2023, p. 6

By 2023, the National Electoral Institute (INE) plans to make savings of 223.3 million pesos, out of an authorized budget of almost 14 billion.

The head of the Institute’s Internal Control Body, Jesús George, pointed out that the INE could have had a more demanding savings goal and proposed that in the agreement of the Executive General Board (JGE) voted yesterday, and that will be taken to the general council for approval, the concepts be specified through a thickening.

This Friday, the JGE approved the document that will be submitted for consideration by the INE general council on the measures of rationality and budgetary discipline derived from the obligations of the Federal Tax Responsibility Law, and to adjust the cut determined by the Chamber of Deputies. the savings goal falls short with respect to the 430 million stipulated for the year that begins, plus the 87 million that will be needed to organize the extraordinary election in Tamaulipas, that is, a goal of more than 500 million pesos.

Members of the JGE argued that it was enough to outline the savings of 223 million because a cut of 314.5 million is already scheduled, applied by canceling some programs –such as postponing the construction of offices– that do not put the operation of the institute at risk.

Last August, the INE general council presented its request for 2023, consisting of 14 thousand 437.9 million pesos. Additionally, he requested a precautionary budget for the organization of a possible referendum, for which he said that 4 thousand 25.4 million pesos would be needed.

Finally, the Chamber of Deputies determined to cut, at the original request of the counselors, 4 thousand 475.5 million pesos. Therefore, the INE had to adjust its numbers.

From there arise the proposed savings of 223.3 million pesos, an amount that, according to the JGE, is within the limits of controlled risks of compliance with the constitutional and legal attributions from high school.

During the JGE session, the head of the OIC stressed that the savings goal did not comply with the order of the general council, when it approved the INE budget, compared to the reduction of the request applied by the Legislature.

That is, there was a difference between what was requested by the institute and what was approved by the Chamber of Deputies, of approximately 450 million pesos. and that considering what is necessary for the election of Tamaulipas there will be a saving of 223 million pesos.

“However, it seems to me that he forgets that the general council itself expressly stated: ‘and additionally cover the institute’s budgetary insufficiency.’ These are the words of the general council that it seems to me that this agreement is not being fulfilled, ”he indicated.

That is, he insisted The savings goal ordered by the General Council was to cover the 450 million pesos that was the difference with respect to what was finally approved by the Chamber of Deputies for the institutebut also to cover the insufficient budget of the INE with respect to its original calculation and request.

The officials, including Lorenzo Córdova, agreed to elaborate on the subject, and argued that there were no errors in the calculation, but perhaps grammatical inaccuracies.

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