Friedmann, "Cachito", Ayala and Lugo aspire to the board of directors

Friedmann, “Cachito”, Ayala and Lugo aspire to the board of directors

There are four senators who aspire to the board of directors of the Senate; Rodolfo Friedmann, Óscar “Cachito” Salomón (both from the ruling party of the ANR), Eusebio Ramón Ayala (PLRA) and Fernando Lugo (Frente Guasu).

It should be remembered that the presidents of the Senate during the current government period were: Silvio “Beto” Ovelar (2018 – 2019), Blas Llano (2019 – 2020) and Óscar “Cachito” Salomón on two consecutive occasions (2020 – 2021 and 2021 – 2022).

As established in Article 11 of the internal regulations, the Board of Directors of the Senate will be made up of a president and two vice-presidents, 1st and 2nd, elected by absolute majority in nominal vote (3/4 of those present).

The election will be held in a preparatory session in June, and will be communicated to the Chamber of Deputies, the Executive Power and the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ). The parliamentary secretaries will be elected on the same occasion.

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