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The pre-candidate for the Presidency for the ruling party, Arnoldo Wiens, said that he is working on a project to buy people’s debts in Infocomf, which generated questions from economists and other specialists.

In a political speech in the framework of his presidential campaign, former minister Arnoldo Wiens stated that change the Informconf rules.

In this regard, he said that they are working on a bill for the State to buy the debt of those who are in Informconf. “The goal is to financially free more than 400,000 Paraguayans,” he asserted.

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After this announcement, one of the first to speak was the former Minister of Finance, Lea Giménez, who requested a clarification from Minister Oscar Llamosas. “Is what Wiens says true? Is the Treasury working on a bill to buy debts from people in Infoconf? Please clarify,” she stated.

Giménez warned that it is a “dangerous and populist” proposal which can bring serious consequences to the treasury and the financial sector.

Likewise, all kinds of negative comments were generated on social networks towards the proposal of the pro-government candidate, some even described it as “criminal delirium.”

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