#FreeZone |  pergollados

#FreeZone | pergollados

How wrong is he!

For the president, those who have dedicated their short lives to the drug trafficking industry, No They are the common enemy. He even dares to challenge those of us who believe otherwise: “We are not like that. What do you want? That it be machine-gunned again from the helicopters? ”, He lashes out at the voices of some Catholic priests, who rose up to demand justice for their Jesuit brothers.

Sheep to the slaughter

For some people who think like AMLO, a religious leader could be just a “spokesman”, a “preacher” or the one who “attends” his church. But in such forgotten and poor regions, such as those that exist throughout the length and breadth of the country, evangelical priests and pastors have a titanic task. They are highly respected community leaders. His service goes far beyond reading the Bible. They took this mandate to “love your neighbor” very seriously and are not interested in risking their own life and that of their family, in order to bring education, food, clothing, blankets and even build houses and places of refuge for catastrophes. What no government does they seek to remedy, without complaining, they find a way to make it happen.

I understand that there will be some higher-ups in the Catholic clergy or other religions, who will take advantage of their influence to get into politics and elections, which is abhorrent.

However, the country and the whole world are once again amazed at the violence in Mexico, caused by a couple of very old men, in a distant area, who only wanted to help another human being and shelter him in a church. They, along with the parishioner, were massacred by the bullets of ignominy, hatred and the damn drug.

Mexico is considered today the most dangerous country to exercise Christian leadership in all of Latin America. Virtually every leader in the most inhospitable parts of our country is under death threat, and no, it’s not by conservatives. It is for the wretched cowards, who have built their fortress on cards; who believe that because they are armed and have a self-sufficient army, they can be the owners of our towns and cities. That they can buy each and every will.

They, who are released in Culiacán; who are hugged and greeted by the national guard in Michoacán. Those who must be “cared for because they are human”, as the president maintains, who only watches over their numbers in the polls and the following elections.

Stuck, yes. Not just church leaders and missionaries. All of us Mexicans are up against the wall by the hosts of the evil cartels, who divide up our territory to poison it, because they have been allowed to do so.

They, moved by destruction, barbarism and intimidation.

To the president, who considers himself a “believer in Christ”, it will be important to ask: whose side are you on?

Well, he himself appears on the list of Mexicans who are being hanged by organized crime.

The example of the priests Javier “Gallo” Campos and Joaquin “Morita” Mora, burns, but inspires. To them, and to all those who work in places that no one wants to reach; who live like “sheep in the slaughterhouse” just for preaching with their example, kindness and selfless help. All recognition and honor.

They are an example that in life there is much more than votes, recognition and vain politicking.


Publisher’s note: The opinions in this article are the sole responsibility of the author.

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