Free transport for the elderly has last day for complementation

Free transport for the elderly has last day for complementation

Today (16) the deadline for states, municipalities and the Federal District to complete the documentation for the request for resources from the Emergency Aid to the Gratuity of Elderly People in Urban Collective Public Transport. The documentation must be checked at the Platform + Brazil. Free transport for the elderly has last day for complementation

R$ 2.5 billion in Union resources will be allocated to aid. The funds will be used exclusively for the cost of free access to people over 65 years of age in regular urban, semi-urban or metropolitan public transport systems. The action was instituted through Constitutional Amendment 123/2022.

“The public transport sector was one of the most affected in the economy as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, due to the decrease in the movement of people in cities. Now, we have this aid that will help states and municipalities to face this reduction”, said the Minister of Regional Development, Daniel Ferreira.


The Ministry of Regional Development (MDR) received 797 proposals to request these resources: 777 were sent by city halls, 19 by state governments and one by the government of the Federal District. The execution of resources will be decentralized, through transfers from the Union to related bodies, municipalities, states and the Federal District. The federative entities will be responsible for the use and distribution of resources to service providers, observing the economic-financial balance of the contracts.


The transfer of resources to the federative entities will begin on September 30th. The deadline for transfers of aid by the Union is 31 December of this year. All outflows of values ​​will be classified, identified and will be available for monitoring, accountability and inspection.

According to the MDR, in cases where there are surplus funds, they will be returned to the National Treasury Single Account through the issuance and payment of the Union Collection Guide.

“Resources applied in violation of the rules stipulated by the Emergency Aid for Free Elderly People in Urban Public Transport will be returned to the National Treasury Single Account, updated. The calculation will be based on the variation of the Selic Reference Rate, accumulated monthly, until the last day of the month prior to the return of funds. 1% interest will also be added in the month of return,” the ministry said.

The transfer of funds will be made by the Union to the federative entities in proportion to the population over 65 years old, residing in the Federal District and in Brazilian municipalities that have regular intra-municipal transport service in operation. The calculation of the number of people in this age group will be based on the most updated estimate from the Department of Informatics of the Unified Health System (DataSUS), based on data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

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