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Free tattoos offered to female breast cancer survivors

Free tattoos offered to female breast cancer survivors

The campaign is called “A tattoo for a smile”.

The Argentine Cancer Solidarity Foundation offers women survivors of breast cancer the possibility of rget tattoos on your scars, for freeas part of the process to strengthen your emotional health.

This is how Débora Bosco told Télam, president of the Foundation that assists cancer patients with medication and that has just launched this campaign in collaboration with tattoo artists from Esteban Echeverría’s Buenos Aires party.

“The campaign will run throughout the month of June, under the slogan ´A tattoo for a smile´tattoos are totally free and women who want to get one can contact us through social networks, sending a private message or through the telephone line 01163092613″, explained Débora to Télam, who added that those interested can also approach the headquarters of the Foundation in Boulevard Buenos Aires 836, of the Buenos Aires district of Monte Grande.

Débora explained that “unfortunately many women after undergoing surgery, they see themselves with a lack of breasts, they enter a stage of great sadness because their body changed; many -even- feel that they are no longer women and suffer a lot of anguish”.

The tattoos will seek to hide scars and become a “mime” for women who have gone through cancer.

“The idea of ​​giving them a tattoo so that they can cover their scars is pampering and is part of the recovery and strengthening their emotional health”remarked the president of the Foundation.

Surviving women of breast cancer will be able to approach and choose between different models of tribal or flower-type tattoos or if the patient wants a special design, the tattoo artists will be in charge of putting it together, the woman explained.

Cancer Solidarity Argentina helps cancer patients across the country with medication, for which Débora Brosco also summoned “those who can and have cancer medication who do not need to donate it, to contact by networks or by phone, because unfortunately we have more and more cases”.

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