Francisco Fernández assures Betty Gerónimo will be the next mayor in SDN

Santo domingo norte. – The former mayor and leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Francisco Fernández proclaimed that Betty Geronimo She will be the next mayor of Santo Domingo Norte, as she is the one who best represents the citizens of that demarcation.

He described Gerónimo as the candidate who best represents the interests of the municipality in the National Congress, who he said has submitted various projects to seek solutions to the problems of the area, as well as a genuine representative of the interests of the demarcation. He in turn described the endorsement as the best decision for understanding that the current deputy has given everything for Santo Domingo Norte.

He considered that the municipality currently needs a vision, a plan and a firm will to progress that embodies the proposal of the young legislator.

“Betty Gerónimo is the one who meets the conditions to lead the municipality, due to her leadership and managerial experience, as well as the proposal that she has developed together with a great team to promote the development of Santo Domingo Norte,” she explained.

Fernández explained that the legislator has been carrying out extensive social work through the Pasos Foundation, in which she has been able to learn about the most dissimilar situations in the area, for which she has prepared the best proposal to provide solutions to these ills.

He argued that the PRM leadership knows that victory can only be achieved with Geronimo, and that any other option is the most direct path to defeat in the municipality.

The support of the political leader for Geronimo’s aspirations was announced in a massive act held in the legislative office of the deputy where a crowded meeting was held with women from the municipality where hundreds of gifts and appliances were delivered.

Francisco Fernández affirmed that Betty Gerónimo has also shown a strong commitment to North Santo Domingo, where he said she has developed political and social work that has earned her the recognition of the majority of its citizens.

“Betty Gerónimo has carried out extensive social work through the Pasos Foundation, bringing solutions to thousands of families in North Santo Domingo, which has allowed her to be recognized by the majority of the citizens here,” Fernández explained.

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