Francisco Cárdenas: «If he is allowed to run the confrontation would be between Martinelli and Martín Torrijos»

Angel Valdes | May 17, 2023

The member of the PRD, Francisco Cárdenas, referred to the current political panorama in our country, the primaries of his parties and the possible candidates for the general elections in May 2024.

«Ricardo Martinelli has been a negative character for the country, if he is allowed to participate, which he should not be, because he has many pending cases, if he is allowed to run the confrontation will be very polarized, we do not see Gaby Carrizo or Crispiano Adames the power that a well-developed leadership can give to face Martinelli, I do not see in Rómulo Roux that he is going to be very hurt in his primaries since Yanibel Abrego is going to open a very big hole in his leadership, Lombana is not taking off as it should have taken off , the independents or free postulation do not have the necessary organization to face an election and I think that if Martinelli runs, the confrontation will be between Martin Torrijos and Ricardo Martinelli, but if he does not run, the confrontation will be between Martín Torrijos and Rómulo Roux,” said Cárdenas.

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