Francia Márquez regretted that the Equality Fund in the PND sank

Francia Márquez regretted that the Equality Fund in the PND sank

Francia Márquez regretted that the Equality Fund in the PND sank

After the approval in the first debate of the National Development Plan 2022-2026 that was given this Thursday, the vice president of Colombia, Francia Márquez, regretted that the economic commissions of Congress sank article 266, which proposed the creation of the Fund for Equality and Equity (Fonigualdad).

(Approved in the first debate the National Development Plan).

“This is not an article that we place on a whim, without a budget there are no conditions for dignity. No matter how much will you have, without a budget you cannot advance, and the resources themselves are always insufficient to close a historical gap in this country “, said the vice president in the framework of an event organized by the Victims Unit this Friday.

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The vice president stressed that this fund is fundamental and that it has different sources of financing, such as international cooperation resources. She assured that the Government needs to work, and also receive support from the private sector, to contribute to closing the inequality gaps, basic sanitation, community, roads, “so that women have access to economic strengthening and are allowed to have economic autonomy.”

Besides, Márquez indicated that the Government will seek to revive this point of the National Development Plan.

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The presentation for the first debate on the Plan proposed this fund as an account without legal status administered by the Ministry of Equality and Equity, which will be directed by Francia Márquez and was created earlier this year by means of Law 2281 of 2023.

However, the congressmen argued that there was a lack of clarity regarding the allocation of resources, and for this reason several voted negatively for its approval.


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