Francia Márquez denied the one posing as her daughter on TikTok

Francia Márquez denied the one posing as her daughter on TikTok

On May 29 the presidential elections will be held, for this reason these days are key in political campaigns. In the same way the fake news are on the rise for discredit candidatesthe latest victim of these misleading videos was Francia Márquez, who was appreciated by an alleged daughter, who even criticized her.

A video went viral on social networks in which, supposedly, a daughter of the candidate for the Vice Presidency gave her point of view, in addition to criticizing her for several comments she had made on her way to the Casa de Nariño with Gustav Petro.

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The woman who claims to be the daughter of Márquez commented in her TikTok video that many people asked her about her mother, to which she immediately stated: “there is something about my mom that I don’t like And I’m going to tell you frankly. The first: that he is talking about our race than racism for being the victim, for reaching many more people. The second: that speaks of humility and of all poverty that we have lived in our life”.

The video lasts approximately two minutes, in which he also assures that Márquez He didn’t like that she came out on social networks, since she was a bit of a “chatterbox”. Finally she says that He had a great resemblance to his supposed mother.

The comments were immediate, and immediately many believed in this false video that was circulating on social networks, while others doubted its origin.

In this situation, the very France Marquez had to appear on her official Twitter account to deny that she It was NOT his daughter saying: “FALSE. The Tik Tok user who calls herself in this network Ornela Cabezas, SHE IS NOT MY DAUGHTER. Neither the campaign nor I have anything to do with it. We call on citizens to do not spread false messages and malicious that only seek to distract from our campaign work.”

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