World Cup Qatar 2022: Watch LIVE the match France vs Denmark

France, first qualified team: group D table after date 2 in Qatar 2022

Francedefending champion has become the first classified selection for the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 after achieving his second victory of the tournament against Denmark (2-1) thanks to a brace from Kylian Mbappé.

A goal from Mbappé at 61 minutesafter touching his shot on the Barcelona player Andreas Christiansen, opened the can when Denmark seemed to have the situation under control.

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the barcelonista Andreas Christensen equalized from a corner seven minutes laterbut in the closing stages Mbappe emerged again to finish off a cross from the athletic Antoine Griezmann with his thigh.

France top group D with six pointsthree more than Australia, which beat Tunisia this Saturday (1-0), the last one with one tied with the Danish team.

How is the position table of group D of the Qatar 2022 World Cup going?

1. France, 6 points

2. Australia, 3 (-2)

3. Denmark, 1 (-1)

4. Tunisia, 1 (-1)

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It should be remembered that the australian team beat tunisiawith a headed goal from Mitchell Duke, and presses Group D, where they keep their chances of going to the round of 16 intact (0-1).

Duke’s goal in the first half was enough to beat the Africanswho have not scored a goal in the two games played and who add a point and will play the pass against France in the last day.

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