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Fram: 6-year-old girl died after being struck while crossing the street

Around midnight on Saturday a registered fatal traffic accident on Colombia street, between Poland and Ukraine, in the city of frame.

The fatal victim was identified as Raquel Viviana Enciso Winiel, 6 years oldwho was hit by a Toyota Runx type car managed by Cristian Ariel Denis Portal, 28 years old.

According to the report, several people -including the little girl’s family- they were sharing a dinner in a dining room in the area when, at a given moment, the girl tried to cross the street to go to the park located opposite.

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In this precise moment, Cristian Denis was circulating on the same street. Because the girl came up to him and took him off guard, could no longer slow down and ended up ramming against his humanity.

after what happened, the driver quickly helped the victimalthough unfortunately the same He already arrived lifeless at Fram District Hospitalwhere his death was confirmed due to a severe polytrauma.

police officers Denis was transferred to Fram police station and they subjected him to breathalyzer test, throwing like negative result.

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The prosecutor Cristina Klubus arranged motorist’s arrest that caused the fatal accident and their stay at the police station, in free communication, as well as the vehicle seizure.

The entrance Fram: 6-year-old girl died after being struck while crossing the street was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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