Fourth ex-combatant of the Contras, assassinated in Honduras, in evident "political executions"

Fourth ex-combatant of the Contras, assassinated in Honduras, in evident “political executions”

The Nicaraguan opposition figure Santiago Rivera Müller, a former Contra combatant, who armedly fought the first Sandinista dictatorship of the 1980s, under the pseudonym “Tigre-León”, was murdered this Monday afternoon in Trojes, department of El Paraíso, Honduras, in what appears to be the fourth “political execution” at the same location, former Nicaraguan Resistance commander Luis Fley (Johnson) reported.

Rivera Müller becomes the fourth former anti-Sandinista combatant and current opponent of the Daniel Ortega regime to be assassinated in Trojes, in circumstances that the Honduran Police have not clarified.

According to the official report of the Police of that country, Rivera Müller was found, at about 3 in the afternoon on Monday, on a hill near his home in the Aldea Plan de la Virgen, in Trojes. He had at least 3 gunshots to the face, all fatal. Therefore, it is presumed that it was a planned and executed death at close range.

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Commander Johnson told Article 66 that Rivera was a member of a group rearmed for political purposes who were trying to organize armed resistance against the Ortega dictatorship, and operated with other opponents in northern Nicaragua, on the border with Honduras.

They were “tracking” him»

The former Contra chief, exiled in the United States, recounted that a few days ago Rivera told him by telephone that he had been receiving anonymous calls for some time. “He was constantly being called from unknown numbers, so we believe he was being tracked,” Commander Johnson said.

Santiago Rivera Müller “Tigre-León” poses armed and dressed in camouflage, like a true Contra combatant, just before being assassinated in Trojes, Honduras. Photos: Social Networks.

The ex-commander against indicated that, in reports that he has received from the place of the murder, they affirmed that two guys nicknamed “Chiapas” and “Resortes” participated in the execution, and that apparently they are people linked to drug trafficking in the area, However, he does not rule out that they are only hitmen employed to carry out the crime, since by the method used it is presumable that it is a covert operation by the security agencies of the Nicaraguan regime.

Trojes, place of execution of ex-contras

Commander Johnson pointed out that the border area of ​​Nicaragua with Honduras, in the department of El Paraíso, is a place well known to the ex-contras, since they maintained several camps there during the war against the Sandinistas in the 1980s and for this reason, the ex-combatants they take refuge in those places, especially in Trojes, however, since 2018, at least four ex-combatants have been killed in that place.

Edgard Aristo Montenegro Centeno, “Comandante Cabezón” and his son Yalmar Antonio Montenegro Olivas, both accused of being “barriers and coup leaders” in Wiwilí, Nicaragua, where they were from, were shot to death on June 27, 2019 in Trojes, Honduras. The murder remains unpunished.

Days later, on July 13, 2019, also in Trojes, the murderous bullets hit former anti-Sandinista combatant Francisco Sobalvarro (Berman).

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Gerardo de Jesús Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, “El Flaco”, a staunch opponent of the Ortega dictatorship and intrepid fighter of the Nicaraguan Resistance, took refuge in Trojes, but was also atrociously executed. Gunmen ambushed him on a lonely road and shot him dead 12 times.

El Flaco, a few days before he was assassinated, sent a message to the Nicaraguan dictator through a video posted on social networks: “I want to tell Daniel Ortega that I am not a criminal, I am a combatant, I have been walking for six years fighting against his dictatorship, I am a fighter who fights for my people and I will never give up, I will never kneel in front of Ortega. I have enough arguments to fight, and I want to tell you that I am not a criminal, I am not a thief, I am not a rapist, the only rapist is called Daniel Ortega and all his leadership. At any time we look at each other in Managua,” warned “El Flaco.” A short time later he was shot.

A documentary made by the Expediente Público platform in 2020, called “Nicaragua campesina, la nación ajena”, warns that the Ortega dictatorship, until that year, had murdered at least 234 peasants, most of them ex-combatants of the Nicaraguan Resistance.

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