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Four years: so much and so little

It was also the first time in the contemporary history of Mexico that a group installed in the space of the left came to power. Beyond the debate on whether lopezobradorismo in the power it can really be considered leftist in substantive terms or in terms of its public policies, in practical terms that is the place it occupies on the political spectrum. The hope and grievances he appeals to, the idea of ​​change he represents for those who have voted for him, is in one way or another colored by that persuasion. That, for better or worse, is what it represents.

The change in tone and narrative that his victory entailed have, in turn, a very decidedly inaugural ambition. His speech sets the bar very high. Because the lopezobradorismo does not aspire to solve difficulties but to transform the country; It is not only imagined as a different government but also as a new era. He is so impatient that he can’t even wait to finish his works before celebrating them. Any force that criticizes, resists, or opposes him belongs in the “dustbin of history.” His thing, in short, is less to render accounts to the present than to self-inscribe himself in posterity.

And then there is his ability to saturate public opinion. I am not referring to the content of his speech but to his propagandistic ubiquity. Because the president is, above all, a man who speaks. And he talks about everything. All time. He gives the impression that he doesn’t spend his time on anything other than talking. He repeats his sermon every morning, every three or four months, every year. He maintains that he informs but rather pontificates; he says that he shows his face but he never stops changing the subject and always has other information. It is not so much or it is not just that the media suffers from “obradorcentrism” ( ), is that López Obrador has turned government communication into an inexhaustible monologue about himself.

As if all of the above were not enough, the support he registers in the polls remains high. Not in those that refer to how his government handles certain issues (in those, except for social programs, it does not have such good numbers), but in those that ask directly for the president’s approval.



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