Gabriela Fossati denounces Fernando Pereira, Alberto Guille and other people for defamation and insults

Fossati acknowledges the veracity of audios leaked by Legitimate Defense: “they want to nail me”

An audio of Gabriela Fossati was leaked and these are her controversial statements.
An audio of Gabriela Fossati was leaked and these are her controversial statements.

The investigation into the case of the former head of presidential custody Alejandro Astesiano, carried out by the 12th Shift prosecutor of Flagrancia, Gabriela Fossati, has taken an unexpected turn. In the last days, self defense has released some audios that have generated some controversy and concern. In them, Fossati talks about the difficulties he faces in the investigation and mentions the leaking of information from various ministries and from the Prosecutor’s Office itself.

In this situation, Court prosecutor, Juan Gómez, has announced that it will evaluate the audios and take the necessary measures. Gomez has expressed concern about the claims of Fossati on the leak of information from the Prosecutor’s Office and has stated that it will act prudently before ask the prosecutor for explanations.

The audios are authentic, Fossati admits to a journalist

In this context, a comment has emerged on Twitter by the journalist Gabriel Pereirawho has ensured that Fossati has sent a letter to the court prosecutor in which he asks to be relieved of the case. According to Pereyra, in the letter the prosecutor explains that the audios were part of a private conversation with a journalist and that some of the issues mentioned have already been resolved.

In this sense, the journalist considers that Fossati’s continuity in the case is affecting the principles that govern the operation of the Public Ministry.

From the Court Prosecutor’s Office, they have clarified that Fossati accepted the words attributed to him in the audios and has requested certification due to illness for 15 days, but they have denied the existence of a letter addressed to the Court prosecutor. For his part, the journalist Carlos Peláez, who had the private conversation with Fossati, has assured that the audio was not leaked and that it was a direct response to a journalistic query that he made. Peláez has explained that he has not maintained a friendly relationship with Fossati and that he decided not to disclose the audio so as not to hinder the investigation.

Given these events, the situation surrounding the investigation of the Astesiano case remains uncertain and is expected to be clarified in the next few hours.

Caras y Caretas published this Sunday that Fossati left for 15 days in office with medical certification.

What Fossati said in the audio: “they want to nail me”

In part of the audio filtered by self defenseFossati is heard saying: “Well, you can imagine, here the issue is that the names of all the people who are directing the organizations that they have to investigate me. Actually, those who have to worry me about cleaning up the situation, or would have to be concerned about the obvious loopholes that exist in their institutions, all they care about is trying to cover it up”.

And he adds: “It gives clear signals that they want to nail me with an investigation that will not be able to come to an end because the stones are permanent, the information leaks are from all the ministries, from the Presidency, from the Prosecutor’s Office… ”

Finally, he adds: “So, no, no, I am no longer here to immolate myself at this point in life and it is best that things be clear. This is a time bomb and well, let it be clear that nobody is interested. Those who are interested are interested for another purpose, not for Justice. They are interested in obtaining political gain. The others are not interested, and so, those who have me, let’s say, those who eventually made mistakes, and have to help me, what they do is dirty me from behind ”.

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