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Forty drivers tested positive for breathalyzer during New Year

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"It was a long road, but finally Zero Alcohol is Law in the province"

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Forty drivers tested positive for breathalyzer tests that were carried out in the City of Buenos Aires during New Year, and they will not be able to drive for at least two monthsinformed this Sunday the Secretary of Transportation of Buenos Aires.

During the New Year, 3,988 breathalyzer controls were carried out at the 20 strategic points located in the streets of Buenos Aires, of which 40 tested positivewhich represents 1% of all cases.

Of this total, seven drivers gave a dosage greater than 1 g/l, which implies a disqualification from driving from four months to two years, while the highest dosage was 1.56 g/l of alcohol in the blood.

For their part, 33 drivers had a dosage between 0.5 g/l and 0.99 g/l, which leads to a disqualification of between two and four months.

were also performed 14 drug controls and there were three positive cases.

The Buenos Aires Secretary of Transportation reported that on the day there were a total of 40 licenses retained for a minimum of two months.

During the New Year of 2021, 2,947 breathalyzer controls were carried out in CABA, with a balance of 39 positives (1.3%).

According to the Secretariat, one out of every five fatal accidents registered in the City of Buenos Aires is related to alcohol consumption.

During 2022, 331,986 controls were carried out, with a total of 5,155 positives, that is, 1.5% of the cases, or an average of 15 positive breathalyzers per day.

From 2016 to November 2022, the number of breathalyzer controls grew by 177%, from 119,772 to 331,986.

As of February 2022, the new penalties approved within the framework of the Comprehensive Road Coexistence Project came into force, according to which people who test positive for a breathalyzer test are disqualified for two months, while they must attend a workshop on vial education.

The objective of the road safety workshop for breathalyzer offenders and offenders is for participants to reflect on the importance of promoting respectful and responsible behavior in traffic to prevent risk situations and avoid victims, added the official information.

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