Former Senator Camargo, owner of Deportes Tolima, is on the verge of death

Former Senator Camargo, owner of Deportes Tolima, is on the verge of death

Gabriel Camargo he is one of the most important men in the FPC. the owner of the Sports Tolima He has been fundamental in the transformation of the Vinotinto team.

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Since his arrival at the club, the senator has made the pijao team a winning team. His work has earned him the admiration of his own and strangers in the Tolimense complex.

Nevertheless, in recent times the health problems have been evident. This was pointed out by Nelson Enrique Asencio in a public intervention where he spoke of the complicated moment of the senator.

Don Gabriel will not return to public life. He returned after 3 months in the United States after an experimental treatment for throat cancer… He returned to Bogotá the previous Saturday and The idea is to prolong a few days of life. No one knows how many there will be because he has throat cancer and this is experimental,” the statement initially said.

And he added: “Don Gabriel lost his speech and it is something very hard for a person taught to command, to order… A leader from every point of view who was a Senator of the republic in two periods, in addition to being director of Deportes Tolima and the Federation”.

Finally he noted: “He is psychologically devastated and it is normal because he is 80 years old. She will dedicate herself to her recovery because cancer is very aggressive and let’s hope what can be done and know how long she will accompany us with the will of God “.

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For now, from Tolimense soil it is expected to resolve the issue of changing the name of the Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium. The idea is that the stage will bear the name of Senator Camargo in honor of his administration.

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