Former priest is found guilty of repeated child sexual abuse in Caburga

This Saturday, the Villarica Oral Criminal Court found former priest Darío Fuentes Cifuentes guilty of repeated child sexual abuse, committed between 2011 and 2013, to the detriment of a six-year-old victim in the town of Caburga, in the Araucanía Region.

The prosecutor of the case, Italo Ortega, presented evidence to the court that considered, among others, the statement of the little victim. In this way, the judges issued a condemnatory verdict against the former parish priest of the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores del Perquenco temple.

“During the trial, the prosecution provided testimonial, expert and documentary evidence. The sentence that we request in said trial is 10 years and one day of effective imprisonment and the legal accessories established by the Penal Code, in cases of sexual assault,” Ortega told the media. Third.

Ortega was appointed preferred prosecutor in an investigation that the regional Prosecutor’s Office opened in 2018 to investigate sexual abuse of minors by members of the Catholic Church in La Araucanía, as a result of canonical sanctions against parish priests, for possible sexual assaults on minors. , which had not been timely reported to the Justice.

The case for sexual abuse against former priest Fuentes It is one of the edges of this investigation, which prosecutor Ortega developed together with a team from the Investigative Police’s Sexual Crimes Brigade.

The sentence reading hearing will be held on August 22, in which the sentence that the former priest must serve for the crimes committed will be communicated.

Although the sentence has not yet been announced, the Public Ministry requested a sentence of at least 10 years and one day in effective prison.

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