Former presidents Mireya Moscoso and Ernesto Pérez Balladares issue a joint statement regarding the situation in the country

Panama, like the rest of the nations of the world, faces unusual, unprecedented times, which completely discard the tools that at other times contributed to overcoming many of the great crises of humanity.

In this context, as former presidents and citizens of this thriving nation, we feel the need to express our deep concern about the events of the last few hours. Aware of the difficulties that concern the different sectors of national life, we call for understanding, empathy and wisdom from all parties.

Today more than ever we must be close to those who need the most, to those who have been hit hard by the pandemic, as a route to overcome the crisis, accompanied by reason and prudence. Together we will be able to find solutions within the capacity of the Panamanian State, without harming the very citizens we want to protect and support.

Societies are discovered when they measure themselves against difficulties. More importantly, those situations always hold great opportunities. If as a nation we want to transform the current problem into a turning point towards beneficial circumstances for all equally, then it would be good for us to put into practice the constructive thinking of Belisario Porras, an extraordinary man who gallantly led our nation in a truly delicate stage. With him we learned that «Panama, due to its exceptional situation, its history and its independence, is more obliged to the union of its children than any other nation. The guarantee of our conservation is effectively only that: the union«.

Let us therefore focus on a great national agreement that leads us along the paths of peace and self-improvement.

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