Former politician Luis Legase dedicates a song to the band Monroy y Surmenage, new victim of Ortega

Former politician Luis Legase dedicates a song to the band Monroy y Surmenage, new victim of Ortega

The singer and former politician Luis Miguel Esteban Lesageexiled in the United States, dedicated the song “In the eye of the hurricane” to the musical band Monroy and Surmenage».

The musical initiative was born after the Daniel Ortega Police arbitrarily detained the vocalist on April 12 Joshua Monroy and to date it does not report the causes of the arrest.

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«They fear us for artists, they brand us as terrorists, for writing real ideas on a track. They imprison us, they expropriate us for being realistic, for not having communist behavior”, highlights part of the lyrics of the song.

In the subject, “The Mystic Rapper», stage name of the 32-year-old ex-hostage of conscience, warns the Ortega regime that «they can take consoles, computers and speakers, amplifiers, guitars, microphones and wires, but they cannot take away the most important thing, which is the message and the thoughts of the artists who dream of freedom».

In interview with Article 66Luis Lesage said that the music arises in demand of the constant siege by the Ortega regime towards protest music».

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«You know that we were imprisoned for raising our voices through music; that is why it seems to me a total cowardice that the dictatorship —of Ortega— imprisons the singers only for having a different idea, “said the artist.

«The song is short, but I dedicated it to them —Monroy and Surmenage— due to the need to demand their freedom because now they attack them only for making a song against the Government. However, they can lock up the messenger, but the message is always going to be there,” he added.

“Let’s keep fighting, change is coming”

Regarding the four years of the civic rebellion in Nicaragua, Lesage pointed out that “another year of struggle has already passed, it seems that everything is lost because the persecution and siege continue, but I know that in the name of Jesus we will get out of this dictatorship.” ; we must continue in the fight, resisting because the change is coming».

The Lesage brothers, former political prisoners of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

Luis Miguel Lesage, originally from Jinotepe, Carazo; he was detained from July 11, 2019 to May 20, 2019, along with his brothers Jean Charles Y Harvin Robert. The dictatorship accused them of terrorism.

The three brothers had to go into exile in the United States before the siege by the Police and Sandinista fanatics. «Every exile is hard, but thank God we are more stable. We all want to be in our country, but our lives were in danger in Nicaragua,” said Luis Lesage.

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