Former Minister Viera-Gallo: “The great political earthquake would be for the Republican Party to get more votes than Chile Vamos”

The former Segpres minister during Michelle Bachelet’s first term, José Antonio Viera-Gallo, referred to the upcoming Constitutional Council elections to be held on May 7, during the program To Bread Bread of The Radio Counter. In his opinion, in this context, “the great political earthquake would be for the Republican Party to get more votes than Chile Vamos.”

In conversation with Mirna Schindler, also the ambassador to Argentina (2015-2018), he maintained that if that happened we would be “in a different political scenario”, which Viera-Gallo would not want for the country. But, “we don’t know,” he said.

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In any case, so that this does not happen, according to the former minister and former member of the Constitutional Court (2010-2013), “Chile Vamos should not be so attached to Republicans and rather should be in more distant positions, more of its own, with a profile more clear”.

During the interview, Schindler and Viera-Gallo recalled a Twitter post by the vice president of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI), Isabel Plá, who stated that 8 out of 10 comments from Republican adherents on social networks are direct darts against Chile Let’s go, more than against their opponents on the left.

According to former minister Viera-Gallo, Chile Vamos and the Republican Party “are disputing the same electorate and that usually happens.” However, “the first consequence, depending on the number of directors elected, is that the constituent process may fail,” he stated.

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