Former Minister Rene Cortázar resigns from the DC while waiting for more “historical” militants to leave

After 50 years of militancy, former minister René Cortázar resigned from the Christian Democracy. Voices within the DC indicated that the event is a response to the crisis that the community is going through after the resignation of the mayor of La Granja, Felipe Delpin, from the presidency of the party.

In this sense, the former president of the phalanx, Fuad Chahin, told Radio Bio Bio that “the directive must focus on seeking unity and reconstruction within the party. Otherwise, the request made by former helmsmen that the members of the table resign in order to start a new path should be considered.”

“But if they continue in this totally sectarian attitude, and also in a political leadership that does not really represent the militancy of the DC, I think we are going to end up disappearing in the very short term, and I think that would be very unfortunate,” complement.

On the other hand, the interim president of the DC, Aldo Mardones, ruled out to the aforementioned media outlet that this resignation would lead to the departure of other militants and called for “not to get bogged down and not take small political profits due to circumstances that are unfortunate, because we must focus on the loss of a militant, the loss of a comrade”.

Claudio Orrego analyzes his departure from DC

The governor of the Metropolitan region, Claudio Orrego, met with the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, to discuss issues related to citizen security, drug trafficking, among others. This, while discussing his eventual departure from the phalanx.

According to ex antethose close to Orrego point out that “he has been disaffected from the DC” for approximately two years, a time during which he has not participated in meetings, assemblies or official calls made by the community.

“He is no longer interested in the game, he thinks he has lost his mystique, his north, his objectives,” said one of those close to the aforementioned medium.

Along the same lines, they maintain that Orrego does not understand the objectives of the various directives that have come to the DC, which have been marked by various internal conflicts that have “worn out” the Christian Democracy.

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