Former mayor of San Ramón, Miguel Ángel Aguilera, may be released from prison if he admits his participation in bribery crimes

The former mayor of San Ramón, Miguel Ángel Aguilera, who became a symbol of corruption and narco-politics, has the possibility of leaving preventive detention after almost a year. For that he must admit his authorship in the crime of repeated bribery.

This, despite the fact that during September of last year, the 15th Guarantee Court of Santiago decreed the injunction against the former mayor of the aforementioned commune for representing “a danger to the security of society.”

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Aguilera, who has been in preventive detention since July 26, 2021, is being investigated for the crimes of illicit enrichment; for more than $263 million; bribery, for $17 million and money laundering between 2013 and 2017.

After almost a year in jail, Aguilera’s situation could change and leave the precautionary behind. This, because during the day next Wednesday a new hearing will be held to review her situation.

In this an abbreviated procedure is expected, after an agreement that was worked out by his defense and the prosecutor Víctor Núñez, in which he is expected to admit his authorship in the crime of repeated bribery.

It should be noted that on July 26, 2021, Minister Mariela Hernández maintained that the crimes committed by the former mayor are not “any crime, they are crimes committed in the exercise of a public function and not a minor position.”

“It is these crimes that make citizens distrust the system. The damage done to the rule of law cannot be quantified. They are clearly crimes of corruption,” he argued in court.

According to La Tercera, the aforementioned agreement will allow Aguilera to be sentenced to 819 days in prison in its medium degree, seven years without holding public office and a fine of almost $20 million. Regarding the other crimes charged to him, it was indicated that these will continue with their current course of investigation.

If Aguilera admits his participation in bribery crimes -as expected-, he will be able to leave jail as determined by the 15th Guarantee Court of Santiago.

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