Former magistrate Márquez Amado on the departure of former foreign minister, Erika Mouynes: “It was a surprise because she was very active, and the explanations they have given have not been rational”

The former magistrate of the Electoral Court, Guillermo Márquez Amado, evaluated this Wednesday morning on Radio Panama, the requirements of the profile in view of the beginning of the process of appointing the new magistrate of this institution, who will replace Heriberto Araúz in the position, which contemplates a list of at least 55 postulates.

“There are many significant things, such as making a selection of all the people with an interest in applying and that it be done in a public process, that is important, because it does not remain behind the scenes and the citizens can evaluate it, which constitutes that the selection that is better”, considered Márquez Amado.

Regarding this number of applicants, he stated that «I think that is an excessive number; in Panama we have a kind of tare in the sense that anyone who meets the minimum requirements of a position, already has the conditions to reach it ».

Meanwhile, regarding the profile of the candidates, he indicated that “the person is required to be familiar with electoral law, it is required above all that people have principles, ethics, independence and sufficient character to say no to a president, even if he is a dictator.

Likewise, he expressed that a person who is familiar with the life of a political party, knows how the aspirations of its members and their functions move, is an advantage for that candidate.

However, he stressed that it is essential that this person has the capacity and criteria to know how to put above any political interest, of the party, those of the Nation, because they are the ones that must prevail so that the State is strengthened.

Exit of Erika Mouynes

“It has been a surprise that she has submitted her resignation or that she was removed, because she was very active in her efforts and the explanations they have given have not been rational at all,” said former TE magistrate Guillermo Márquez Amado.

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