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Former Defense Minister Mariano Gonzáles: “Prefect posts are no longer necessary today, but are harmful to governability”

Mariano González responds to the Cabinet: "Gavidia, Salas and Chero seem like the three stooges"

On December 25, the government of Dina Boluarte removed 312 from their posts. As promised by the now premier Alberto Otárola, this would be the third batch ofwho are resigned and removed from their posts.

SIGHT: Government of Dina Boluarte concludes the appointment of 312 prefects of Pedro Castillo

About, Peru21.TV He spoke with the former Minister of Defense, Mariano González, who indicated that these charges should now disappear. “The positions of prefects are no longer necessary today; They are harmful to governance. They were important roles when there was no decentralization, but today they collide with some responsibilities of the elected authorities”, he emphasized.

In addition, he indicated that: “The role they have today is that of a political party at the service of the regime, mainly with Castillo these positions were occupied by people committed to acts at odds against the democratic form and with people who have relations with Movadef and organizations close to Shining Path”.

On the other hand, he asked the congress to abolish the functioning of the prefects and sub-prefects.

The premier Otárola, in his social networks, Otárola explained the termination of functions of the sub-prefects and prefects. “Peruvians need suitable authorities and officials” and he assured that their replacements will be “recognized and distinguished by their community, regardless of their political color,” he wrote.


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