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Former coimero prosecutor Roberto Velázquez Vezzetti ‘cries’ for “fat people” at the Centennial

The screenshot of a comment in a group on the social network Facebook, from Roberto Velazquez Vezzetti, circulates in the last hours on social networks. In it, the former coimero prosecutor expresses his rejection of the opening of the exclusive Centenario club to non-member guests.

The end of the year party was a shame in terms of the non-member people who entered. Before, one guest was allowed per active member, Now any number of people and of any level have entered. The Centenario Club was exclusive, at this party the grease dripped from many guests. It was a shame”tear off your text.

Velázquez Vezzetti also attacked with the musical proposal of the event. Although I like the group Charly’s Angelsis a romantic music group and just started the year we had an hour of music that was down”.

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The man in question addressed those he considers to be responsible. “Club Centenario was always exclusive and distinguished, today Those responsible for this negative popularization are the members of the Board of Directors. A pity”shot.

As expected, this did not go unnoticed by the Internet community, which recalled several of his publicly known antecedents, such as the extortion complaints against him for which he was prosecuted and the pedantry propagated by networks.
from Miami, together with his daughter, the media host of radio and TV, Amparo Velazquez.

Former coimero prosecutor Roberto Velázquez Vezzetti 'cries' for "fat people" at the Centennial

He himself had traveled to Miami in search of his daughter, who had been stranded in the midst of the chaos unleashed by the hurricane.

On that occasion, father and daughter had mocked Paraguayans and Paraguayans through live broadcasts on Instagram, boasting of their economic solvency to pay for trips among other luxuries.

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That fact ended up condemning them socially, mainly Ampara, whose reactions represented the “cherry on the cake” in regards to the public’s perception of her, which ratified his rejection of her figure.

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The entrance Former coimero prosecutor Roberto Velázquez Vezzetti ‘cries’ for “fat people” at the Centennial was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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