Por siempre Democracia, nunca más dictadura

Forever Democracy, never again dictatorship

The Chamber of Senators met in Extraordinary Session on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the dissolution of the Chambers, recalling what was the historic session on the night of June 26, 1973, in an act of reaffirmation of commitment to Democracy . The session, like that one, began around 10:30 p.m., with the institutional opening of the body’s President, Notary Beatriz Argimón.

An audiovisual mapping was carried out with image projection, on real surfaces of the apse of the Senate Room, which recreated the episodes of the year 1973 until reaching the historic Session. As agreed by the delegates of all the parties, the speeches by Wilson Ferreira Aldunate (photo), Amílcar Vasconcellos and Enrique Rodríguez stood out.

Forever Democracy, never again dictatorship

At the end of the screening, President Argimón invited the Hall of Lost Steps to sing stanzas of the National Anthem together with the National Choir of Sodre, made up of 75 performers.

When the first verses were sung, the room was especially illuminated and the phrase used to awaken the feeling of the day was exposed on the screen: “Forever Democracy”.

Among the many guests, the bars of the venue attended, which were packed, the President of the Republic Dr. Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou and the former presidents Dr. Julio Maria Sanguinetti, Dr. Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera and Mr. José Mujica Cordano , as well as national authorities, journalists of the time and relatives of the senators who participated in that historic session.

Forever Democracy, never again dictatorship

At the end of the National Anthem, they were invited to watch a video made by the Community Relations Office with the testimonies of various officials who lived that day. Immediately authorities and guests went to appreciate the Main Facade of the Legislative Palace in which a light intervention was provided with the national colors and the phrase used in the day: “Forever Democracy.”

Photos courtesy of the Department of Photography of the Parliament of Uruguay.

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