Forest fires: Onemi reports that six communes are on Red Alert and there are 9 fires that remain in combat

Onemi delivered a new report on the forest fires that affect the country. According to the information, six communes are on Red Alert and 9 accidents remain in combat.

According to its director(s), Mauricio Tapia, in the last few hours 17 fires have been extinguished, while 38 are under control.

In the same way, he indicated that six communes are on Red Alert, three in the Valparaíso Region and another three in the Metropolitan Region. The communes correspond to Quilpué, Villa Alemana, Santo Domingo, Easter Island, Curacaví, Lampa and San Pedro.

The Valparaíso Region is precisely the one that has left the most damage: in the Pangui Rosa sectors, in Santo Domingo, 2,492 hectares have been burned; in Cerro Viejo, Quilpué, 1,300; and in Quebrada Escobar, Villa Alemana, 650.

On Easter Island, the “Peka Peka” fire is still active, which has consumed three hectares inside the Rapa Nui National Park.

Meanwhile, in the Metropolitan Region, the losses with the highest level of destruction are the Fundo Carén, in Curacaví and Lampa, with 7,627 hectares affected; and on Cuesta el Membrillo, in San Pedro, with 30.

“To deal with these emergencies, all the resources deployed are on the ground, in coordination with the local and regional levels,” he said.

“We reiterate the call to the population to reinforce self-care behaviors in the face of forest fires, not lighting bonfires or manipulating color sources in vegetation areas,” he concluded.

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