Forest fires: Government commits to replenish resources spent by municipalities to control the flames

This Tuesday the Government of the President gabriel boric He made a new assessment of the forest fires that affect the south-central zone of the country. In this regard, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalvereported that there are 66 casualties in combat, out of a total of 284 existing in the country.

According to the authority, the most devastating incident is the one called “Santa Ana”, described by Monsalve as the “most complex” in the Biobío region and in which work is being done to prevent the flames from spreading to the communes of San Pedro de la Paz and Patagual, commune of Coronel.

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Regarding the affected area, the authority specified that 401 thousand hectares have been burned. In addition, he indicated that 63 aircraft are deployed by Conaf; 14 by Senapred; and 41 by forestry companies. Regarding personnel in the area, it was reported that Conaf has 248 brigade members (out of a total of 1,648); while the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Emco) has six brigades out of 93, added to the 1,426 brigade members of the forestry companies and the 1,600 volunteers of the Fire Department.

replenishment of resources

In the balance also spoke the Minister of Finance, Mario Marcelwho pointed out that the Government is committed to replenishing the money spent by the municipalities to control the emergency.

“The Government’s commitment is to replenish these funds to the municipalities, which are municipalities with limited resources, which they have used to spend on fuel for machinery and personal protection items, among others,” he said.

Likewise, the Secretary of State commented that they will hold meetings with the Subdere and the Chilean Association of Municipalities to define the rendering of expenses.

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