Foreigners with pending cases and for violations of the “immigration law” are retained by the SNM

Judith Pena | June 26, 2023

Two Costa Rican citizens were detained at the beginning of the week by immigration units assigned to the province of Bocas Del Toro: one with a precautionary measure prohibiting him from leaving his country for the crime of attempted homicide and the other was returned to Costa Rica for illegal possession of firearm.

While at the Mile 21 Checkpoint in Changuinola, Bocas del Toro, a Colombian with expired stay and forged citations was also detained. The same measure was adopted with a foreigner of Venezuelan nationality, who is prevented from leaving the country, for which he was transferred to the men’s shelter.

Migratory incidents were also recorded on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June, at other checkpoints.

At the Tocumen International Airport, a person of Canadian nationality was denied admission and returned to his port of embarkation by immigration inspectors, as he was found to have a history of theft, possession and distribution of marijuana.
Another case registered at the Tocumen International Airport was that of an American who was not admitted and returned to the port of embarkation, upon detecting a repeat offense in arrests for theft in the state of California; At the same time, a Colombian was detained with an Interpol alert and an arrest warrant in Spain. On this occasion, the crime was money laundering from drug trafficking.

A Costa Rican citizen who tried to enter Panama through the Guabito checkpoint in Bocas del Toro, with a precautionary measure prohibiting departure from Costa Rica for the crime of attempted homicide, was also apprehended over the weekend. In this case, he proceeded with his transfer to his country of origin and was placed under the orders of the competent authorities.

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