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Foreigner died after aesthetic operation in Barranquilla, the surgeon had already had to pay compensation to relatives of another deceased patient

Foreigner died after aesthetic operation in Barranquilla, the surgeon had already had to pay compensation to relatives of another deceased patient
Woman who died in an aesthetic procedure in Barranquilla.

The woman traveled from the United States to undergo bariatric surgery in the capital of Atlántico.

News Barranquilla.

A woman of Venezuelan nationality died in Barranquilla after undergoing bariatric surgery.

Dilay Danissa Escalante Contreras, 46, arrived in the capital of Atlántico from the United States (the country where she lived and had acquired nationality), to undergo an aesthetic procedure with a surgeon named Carlos Sales Puccini.

His desire was to lose weight and reduce sizes, and for this reason, he underwent surgery on April 21 at around 2 in the afternoon at the Reina Catalina Clinic, located on Calle 82 with Carrera 47, north of Barranquilla.

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After the surgery was finished, the patient spent some time recovering and then was discharged. She arrived at the apartment where she was staying and after a while she began to feel pain in her body.

“She felt bad,” said an aunt of Dilay Danissa who accompanied her at all times.

Two days after the post-op, the woman continued to have severe pain and for this reason they decided to call the doctor who operated on her to have her checked out.

On Wednesday the 27th, the doctor went to his home located near the Buenavista Shopping Center and performed some gastric dilations, but the woman remained in pain. According to the version of her relatives, the doctor told them that it was “a normal thing” because of the surgery.

On the morning of this Thursday, the woman’s health condition worsened and the surgeon saw her again in the apartment, and after a check-up, he suggested doing some X-ray studies.

Dilay’s relatives indicated that the doctor recommended that they take her to the clinic where she had undergone surgery. However, seeing that the woman was very ill, they made the decision to transfer her to one closer to her place of residence: the Ibero-America Clinic.

They took a taxi to the aforementioned assistance center located on Carrera 51 with Calle 86 and in the middle of the journey, Dilay collapsed.

“She turned pale, turned her eyes and did not respond to her aunt’s calls,” said her relative.

Upon arrival at the clinic, doctors on duty confirmed that his body no longer showed vital signs. Apparently a cardiac arrest ended his life.

After his death, relatives of Dilay have filed a complaint against this doctor who in previous years was denounced for a similar case.

He was even ordered by the Supreme Court of Justice, to pay compensation to the family of a patient who died.

To the relatives of Julio Durán Gómez, the sum of «$46,591,450 for consequential damages and with $1,783,256,495 as lost earnings. In addition, he must pay the equivalent of 1,400 SMLMV, for the concepts of non-pecuniary damage and “affectation of protected constitutional rights,” the newspaper said. The viewer about said penalty.

In addition to this, this doctor has been investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office since 2017 for alleged falsehood in a public document.

Apparently, he and 42 other doctors would have apparently irregular academic certificates that accredited false specializations in plastic surgery, according to what was exposed by the newspaper The Herald.

In November 2017, a judge released Sales Puccini but forbade him do plastic surgeries.

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