Foreign ministers of Venezuela and Egypt strengthen bilateral work

Foreign ministers of Venezuela and Egypt strengthen bilateral work

Yván Gil, Venezuelan Foreign Minister, reported that he held a dialogue with his Egyptian counterpart on Monday during which they agreed to strengthen bilateral work for the benefit of both nations in areas of joint interest.

“In telephone contact with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Sameh Shoukry, we agree on the need to move forward in strengthening the political dialogue to promote all areas of joint work, for mutual benefit,” said Gil. On twitter.

The contact between the foreign ministers of the nations is held after a meeting, on February 14, held by Gil with Kareem Essam El-Din Amin, ambassador of the Egyptian Arab nation in Caracas, during which he proposed to strengthen relations binationals.

Caracas and Cairo have maintained diplomatic relations for more than 70 years and these have been strengthened since 2004, with alliances and support based on respect and adherence to the principles that govern International Law.

Both nations are part of the Non-Aligned Movement last November, during the XXVII Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangePresident Nicolás Maduro visited Egypt and met with his counterpart Abdelfatah El-Sisi, and stressed that the visit was a success in bilateral matters and in terms of combat the climate crisis that is going through the world.

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