Foreign Minister Faría: Sanctions and the Saab case seek to extort money from Venezuela

Foreign Minister Faría: Sanctions and the Saab case seek to extort money from Venezuela

The unilateral coercive measures imposed by the Government of the United States against Venezuela and the kidnapping of the diplomat alex saab they are a form of extortion against countries that do not share their vision of the world, and seek that Venezuela does not continue the progress in its process of building socialism, the Foreign Minister of the Republic, Carlos Faría, denounced this Thursday.

During his speech at the Forum called Unilateral Coercive Measures as a form of global extortion, the Chancellor Venezuelan warned that the coercive measures and unilateral actions of the US against Venezuela have been intensifying as the people and the government have shown that with their own effort the country has come on a path of economic growth.

“The world sees how the Venezuelan people have responded to this war, that despite everything that could happen, we are already experiencing a second year of recovery with concrete elements in that improvement in the Venezuelan economy,” Faría stressed.

He emphasized that each and “each one of the actions that imperialism attempts are to prevent the Bolivarian Revolution from advancing and fulfilling its political objective, which is the construction of socialism.”

Foreign Minister Carlos Faría reiterated that “our political and economic teams have been able to solve the problems and over time we will receive other favorable news that will mark this new economic course that the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, has been promoting.”

“We raise our voice against all the measures that are applied against the people and government of Venezuela, however, the new order that is being created in the world will not allow imperialism to advance. We know that Saab bravely takes his position,” he said.

Saab case

For Foreign Minister Faría, the case of Alex Saab it has generated very serious precedents and may have consequences in other countries, without reproaches from international authorities.

In this case, “the United States intends to continue its role as rulers of the world and responsible for using this type of measure without going through the considerations of the only organization recognized as the United Nations.”

During his speech at the forum, Faría indicated that the case of Alex Saab “was an irregular process, he was transferred, in turn kidnapped by the US administration, he has been in prison for months and subjected to extreme conditions that affect his physical health and psychological”.

In this regard, the Foreign Minister recalled that Saab was kidnapped in Cape Verde and taken to the United States, where he is currently on trial, in an irregular judicial process.

“Despite everything, Alex Saab remains firm in defense for everything he continues to fight for, we proudly say that he has not bowed down nor will he bow down,” Faría said.

The arbitrary capture of Saab took place in Cape Verde on June 12, 2020, when the aircraft where he was mobilizing made a stopover in that African country to refuel and continue its humanitarian mission to Iran.

Despite having all the accreditations as a Venezuelan diplomat before the African peoples based on the Vienna Convention, the Geneva Convention and the United Nations, Alex Saab was arrested and taken to a cell in the US, where his rights were violated, refers to a note Telesur.


Another recent case, said the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, is the hijacking of the Emtrasura measure orchestrated by the laboratories of imperialism, “because what they are trying to do is affect all those fronts that open up in order to overcome coercive measures.”

In this sense, he affirmed that Venezuela raises its voice in the face of these actions and it is expected that other countries will do the same.

“We raise our voices in the face of this type of action, we hope that in other countries they raise the flags of this great fight that we are carrying out, which at this moment is for Alex Saab and the members of the Emtrasur plane and the Iranians,” he added.

They demand the release of Saab

Camila Fabri de Saab, wife of Alex Saab, during her intervention in the forum, denounced again that «Alex is kidnapped in the territory of the United States».

He regretted that other countries do not take into account the actions that the US is currently carrying out against progressive systems.

“The United States pretends to be the defenders of human rights and as the heroes of the situation, but it turns out that to achieve their objectives they use any element, instrument, construction and lie, to achieve what they want,” he added.

He commented that the United States offers “to solve the sanction by helping a change of government, this is a perfect circle, they start with the hegemonic media, they try to demonize the person, then they carry out an investigation without evidence and sanction the relatives.”

“They offer to solve the sanctions with a change of government, they discredit people. It is a clear coercion, they force you to change your behavior and it is a crime because they are doing it in the form of threats », he stressed.

Faced with this situation, Fabri stressed that “it is necessary to raise awareness that this is a clear violation of the Vienna Declaration and all Human Rights. I thank everyone who participates in the Forum and hopefully we can take this abroad.

“I demand the immediate release of my husband Alex Saab,” she said.

Organization of victim countries

The intellectual Luis Brito García also took part in the Forum, where he proposed the creation of an organization of countries that are victims of unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States and its allies.

“Let’s create an organization of countries that are victims of unilateral coercive measures. Venezuela has about 900 sanctions and another 80 countries are also subject to unfair measures. If we create this organization we can coordinate efforts and votes in the UN, ALBA, NAM, and other international organizations », he indicated.

He pointed out that with the creation of this organization it is possible to prevent the measures from being aggravated and stressed that, in the face of abuses by governments such as the United States, the Charter of the United Nations must be invoked.

“No country can force another to impose its positions on other governments,” he said.

Sanctions: pain and suffering

For his part, the Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies, William Castillo, stressed that sanctions have a single function and that is to “create pain and suffering to produce a change in the conduct of the sanctioned State.”

To conclude, Ilenia Medina, who was also present at the forum, stressed that “peace is the most important thing in a country.”

On the other hand, he recognized the work carried out by Venezuelan diplomats around the world.


The Foreign Minister of the Republic, Carlos Faría; Alex Saab’s wife, Camila Fabri; the Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Council, Larry Davoe; the deputy to the National Assembly, Ileania Medina; the intellectual Luis Britto García and the Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies, William Castillo.

During the interventions, each specialist provided data on the sanctions, the Saab case and the hijacked plane with the crew of the Empresa Transporte Aerocargo del Sur (Emtrasur) in Argentina, as measures and actions that seek to break independent and sovereign States and countries.

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