Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes holds a meeting with Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi

The Foreign Minister of Panama, Erika Mouynes, held a meeting with the State Councilor and Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, to whom she presented the Panamanian agenda on cooperation, trade and investment, and political dialogue.

This Mouynes visit to China represents the first face-to-face meeting between the two diplomats, after previous virtual meetings.

China and Panama had already advanced some points in terms of cooperation and support was finalized in the delivery of a mobile medical unit to attend and perform mammograms, solar panels, sports supplies (balls, handcuffs, bats, nets, etc.), electric buses and well drills.

Regarding the trade area, the Panamanian Foreign Ministry reported this Monday that the certification process for Panamanian pork, chicken and seafood plants was reactivated.

It is specified that the inspection by the Chinese customs authorities will be carried out temporarily virtually, in order to speed up this procedure and finalize the authorization of the plants.

“The Chinese market represents enormous potential for the agricultural and livestock sector in Panama, and this certification will be a decisive step to achieve effective access,” the report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs details.

Regarding the political issue, it was announced that Foreign Minister Mouynes presented the formal request for the People’s Republic of China to adhere to the Neutrality Protocol of the Panama Canal Treaty.

It was explained that both parties will establish a technical negotiation table that will be evaluating the appropriate mechanisms to implement said adhesion.

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