Foreign Minister describes as “slander” the references to Cuba in the US report.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez described as “unacceptable” and “slanderous” the references to Cuba in the report on Human Rights published today by the Department of State.

From his Twitter account, Rodríguez wrote that “the slander against Cuba by the US Government in its 2022 Human Rights report is unacceptable.”

The report, published on the website of the Department of Statepoints out, among other matters, that in “Cuba the courts have handed down draconian prison sentences to hundreds of people for protesting for their rights,” according to the Cuban news agency. Latin Press (PL), in reference to the prisoners for the protests of July 11, 2020.

According to a signed preface by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, “Authoritarian governments – such as those of Cuba, Belarus and Venezuela, among others – have sentenced hundreds or thousands of peaceful protesters to long and unjust prison terms.”

The agency efeFor its part, it points out that the report also mentions that “the Judiciary is directly subordinate to the National Assembly and the Communist Party of Cuba,” despite the fact that “the Constitution recognizes its independence.”

Rodríguez responded that, “with the shameful history of raping and abusing its own citizens”, the United States “should refrain from stigmatizing others” and added that the US “tries in vain to disguise its interventionist and interventionist behavior”.

The report “compiles reports on Human Rights Practices in 198 countries and territories, providing objective and factual information from credible documents of events that occurred throughout 2022,” according to Blinken.

Cuba rejects its reiteration in the US report on countries sponsoring terrorism

Such information is processed by State Department employees in Washington and in foreign missions around the world. The information on Cuba is presented in 42 pages and cites both independent and official media, as well as NGOs.

In Blinken’s words, some of these reports highlight “unprecedented violations and abuses that are appalling in their scale and gravity, such as Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.”

This State Department report serves as a guide to the United States Congress when determining the foreign aid it grants to each nation.

other reactions

The Government of Mexico has also protested the treatment in this report. Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused the State Department of “lying”, as Mexican authorities are accused of torture and criticizes the Mexican president’s treatment of journalists and activists, according to him efe.

“It is not true, they are lying, it is pure politicking, with all due respect. It is that it is their nature, they do not want to abandon the Monroe Doctrine and before the so-called Manifest Destiny, they do not want to change, so they believe they are the government of the world”, declared the Mexican president in his daily press conference.

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