Canciller y Contralor General destacan Diplomacia Bolivariana para una geopolítica de paz

Foreign Minister and Comptroller General highlight Bolivarian Diplomacy for a geopolitics of peace

The Bolivarian Diplomacy is one of the essential mechanisms to consolidate a new geopolitics of peace on the planet, as was determined during a Master Class of the High Political Level Module on Public Policies of the Institute of Higher Diplomatic Studies Pedro Gual, held this Monday in Caracas.

The integral independence and decolonization processes of Venezuela, in addition to consolidating the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace, are priorities to continue building a necessary multipolar world, which are fundamental as strategies between the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Ministry of Popular Power for External relationships.

From the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, the comptroller and also president of the Moral Power, Loving Elvisparticipated together with the chancellor Ivan Gil, on this day to address important aspects of Venezuelan foreign policy.

This master class is part of the training plan for personnel promoted by both institutions, which will provide instruments to workers to defend Venezuela, Amoroso announced.

The activity was transmitted to various states of the country, through a videoconference, where the “Constitutional Supremacy” that exists in Venezuela was highlighted, and the meeting took advantage of the signing of an agreement that will allow cooperation and interrelation between both institutions.

These master classes will continue to be held for the rest of the year, with the purpose of continuing to train, train and address studies in these strategic days.



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