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For Valentine’s Day, they carry out an operation to avoid misleading advertising

Por Día de San Valentín, realizan operativo para evitar publicidad engañosa

The National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor) reported today that inspectors from that institution carry out extensive operations in commercial establishments in Greater Santo Domingo and the main provinces of the country with a view to avoiding misleading advertising in the offers they offer with reason for Valentine’s Day.

The director of the entity, Eddy Alcantarastated that the surveillance of these businesses, mostly clothing stores, jewelry stores, florists and electrical appliances, began several days ago, as part of the preventive operations carried out by the institution to avoid violations of consumer rights.

He indicated that they also maintain offers verification operations in hotels, restaurants and other businesses that maintain promotions on the occasion of the Day of Love and Friendship.

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“We always activate these preventive mechanisms on dates when commercial activity increases, such as Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on next february 14which has given excellent results for the benefit of consumers”, said Alcántara.

He maintained that these results have substantially decreased in the last two years the reports and complaints for this type of commercial irregularity.

The executive director of Pro Consumidor, Dr. Eddy Alcántara

He stressed that Pro Consumidor inspectors inspect these establishments to guarantee the economic interests of the consumer population that buys products on this date.

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The official also explained that the action plan for these operations includes verification of advertising and Good Practices, in addition to consumer recommendations for citizens through a virtual campaign that the institution disseminates through its social networks, urging them to buy with awareness. .

He pointed out that the importance of these actions that the entity undertakes in these types of celebrations is to create measures that constantly improve trade.

Also, that the population knows about their rights, “that they know that Pro Consumer it supports their money in the commercial transactions they carry out and fundamentally guarantees their health and safety in the use of various products that are sold in the market”.

Eddy Alcántara maintained that the Consumer Protection Law 358-05 It is clear when it establishes that all promotions or offers must be informed to the consumer, indicating the time of its duration, the price of the products or services, including the corresponding taxes or a message from the offerer warning the consumer when the taxes are not calculated in the offer price.

Finally, he added that if the merchants sell in accordance with what the regulations indicate, they would not enter into violations of consumer rights and therefore would not be subject to sanctions.

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