For the theft of fentanyl, the CSS opened an administrative process against an official

After noticing the theft of fentanyl at the Social Security Fund (CSS), an administrative process was initiated against a health area official.

This official is allegedly the owner of the briefcase with supplies and medicines, including fentanyl, which was found in an improper area.

According to the national direction of Legal Advice of the CSS, this administrative process “is carried out respecting due process and the rights of the official.”

The General Directorate of the CSS ordered in November 2022 the filing of a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office for the theft of Fentanyl, which is a controlled drug.

At the same time, the CSS ordered a medical audit to be carried out, the results of which were provided to the Public Ministry, which decided to open a second criminal proceeding.

The Social Security Fund has also carried out staff rotations in the Pharmacy area and the Operations Room, as part of the administrative processes that it is carrying out in this case.

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