For the Prosecutor’s Office, Messer’s assets will not be seized

After more than four years without the Prosecutor’s Office requesting the autonomous confiscation of Darío Messer’s assets, currently in the power of Senabico, a judge ordered them to be seized for almost US$ 4 million to cover the fees of Messer’s former lawyers, Maria Leticia Boveda and Rodrigo Galeano.

Edgar Rivas, judge of first instance in civil and commercial matters, who ordered the seizure of Messer’s assets worth US$ 4 million, said that it is a product of a regulation of the execution of long-standing fees . “It originated in an action, a diligence of the 5th shift, then it went to the 6th and finally fell in my court,” he said during an interview with 780 AM.

The magistrate reported that as a first measure, the code orders the order of summons to pay and the executive seizure of the assets of the executed. “In principle, the original had regulated a much lower amount in guaraníes, then a Court, already last year, had challenged that sum (USD 3,300,000) in dollars and it was firm,” he argued about the amount that the lawyers should collect.

He finally said that assets must be seized up to cover the amount, movable and immovable.


Francisco Cabrera, the prosecutor in charge of the case, expressed for the same radio station that they believe that in the week they could definitely be advancing and present the request for confiscation of assets. The request was presented to Judge Agustín Delmás.

“We still do not know the fundamentals and the way in which that amount was established, but yes, from the outset it seems exaggerated and we consider that it does not correspond,” he said.

In his opinion, when it comes to assets that are the product of illicit acts, the embargo should not run. In addition, he announced that they will use the legal tools at their disposal to reverse the magistrate’s decision.

“We are close to requesting the confiscation of the assets and if it was not done before, it was because there are pending proceedings. They all want prompt justice, but they must proceed based on the resources available and the information that goes into the investigation,” he noted.


On September 13, Judge Rivas’ ruling on the fee regulation trial of Darío Messer’s former lawyers came out. Rodrigo Galeano must collect US$2,250,000 plus interest and Leticia Bóveda US$1,125,000 plus interest. A total of USD 3,375,000.

The Public Ministry was questioned, on several occasions, for not requesting the autonomous confiscation of the assets of the “doleiro de los doleiros”, Darío Messer.

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