For the first time, the PISA tests will be done in digital mode

For the first time, the PISA tests will be done in digital mode

The test is for all 15-year-old students to measure their performance in math, science, and reading (Photo 123RF)

The PISA tests, the educational evaluation carried out worldwide by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), will be done this year for the first time in digital format through specific software that will not require an Internet connection, reported the Ministry of Education

The Secretary of Education, Silvina Gvirtzexplained this Friday during the 118 meeting of the Federal Council of Educationthe scope of this new modality that will replace the paper and pencil with which it was carried out until this year.

“The PISA Digital 2022 test will take place during September in almost 500 schools across the country,” highlighted the educational portfolio, and will be carried out “for the first time on a computer from a digital platform.”

About the PISA test

The standardized test is performed on all 15-year-old students to measure their academic performance in math, science, and reading.

The study is based on the analysis of the performance of students that, since the year 2000, are carried out every three years in various countries belonging to the OECD or not.

The CFE meeting was headed by the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, and there was also a proposal to relaunch the National Program for Lifelong Learning “Our School”.

“Our School” is a federal, universal and free initiative for teachers of state, social, community and private management, of all levels and modalities of compulsory education and higher, technical and teaching education.

The guidelines for regulating the admission of students in the home and hospital education modality (EDyH) in complex situations were also discussed, with the aim of enrolling students who, due to different circumstances, cannot attend classes in schools.

In addition, the progress status of the pre-implementation of the School Management System (SINIDE-SGE).

It is a computer device that allows the different actors that make up the educational system to more efficiently manage the tasks assigned to the school year, being able to access data for strategic decision-making and streamlining the administrative tasks of the establishments.

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