For Soria, Beraldi's argument was "demolition Man" Y "undressed lies" of the prosecutors

For Soria, Beraldi’s argument was "demolition Man" Y "undressed lies" of the prosecutors

For the official, Beraldi showed that the prosecutors “manipulated and teased Argentine society” / Photo: Leo Vaca.

The Minister of Justice, Juan Martín Soria, affirmed this Wednesday that the allegation of the defense attorney of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Carlos Beraldi, in the trial of the Vialidad case was “devastating” since “he undressed every lie and manipulated evidence ” by prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola.

“In the first two days of allegations, Dr. Beraldi was devastating and undressed one by one each lie, each manipulated evidence, after the media show that the prosecutors did for 9 days, something never seen,” the official said this morning in statements for El Uncover Radio.

During Monday and Tuesday of this week, Beraldi presented his technical argument before the Federal Oral Court (TOF2), which will continue on Friday by the Vice President herself.

For Soria, Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer demonstrated that prosecutors “manipulated and teased Argentine society.”

“The three tons of evidence were actually the three tons of covers from Clarín and La Nación,” said the minister, referring to the statements made by prosecutor Luciani during the trial.

During the process, the prosecutors maintained that the Vice President met with Lázaro Baez in the province of Santa Cruz, a fact that was denied during the defense statement.

“The funniest thing is that on November 30 the then president was not in Calafate, but was in my province, Río Negro, near Bariloche,” said the Minister of Justice.

On the other hand, Soria referred to the attack against Fernández de Kirchner and maintained that “There is no doubt that they are not loose crazy people, as the opposition says”.

“It is evident that there was a political motivation. I have no doubt that behind these people there is someone else, someone who finances them and pays their lawyers,” concluded the national official.

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