For how many tickets will the transportation assistance reach in 2023?

For how many tickets will the transportation assistance reach in 2023?

Barely a day after the National Government announced the increase in the minimum wage and transportation assistance for 2023, the Colombian Association of Capital Cities also reported an increase in the Massive Public Transport (TPM)which will be 12.53%, which corresponds to the inflation data at the November cut-off.

(This is what public transport will raise in the country’s cities).

For his part, the transportation aid for the next year will be 20%, that is, $140,606.

Below we tell you how many tickets this aid will reach and how much the increases will be:

In cities like Bogotá, the trunk service of transmilenio it would go from $2,650 to $2,982 and the zone service from $2,450 to $2,756, in both cases it represents a rise of more than $300, the highest recorded. It is worth clarifying that the rounded amount to pay will be set by each city.

(Minimum and transportation assistance: this will be received by employees in 2023).

Based on this value, the fixed aid would be enough for 47 Transmilenio tickets and 51 trips in the zonal service in Bogotá.

In the case of Medellín, the increase in the rate for users of mass transport such as the Metro, Tram and Metroplus it will be $300. In the case of the metropolitan area, the routes integrated to the subway will increase $375, that is, it will go from $2,580 to $2,880.

Thus, the transport assistance in Medellín would be enough for 48 tickets.

In Cali, users of the Massive Integrated Western (MIO) they pay $2,400. With this increase they would pay $2,700.

That is, the transportation subsidy set for 2023 would be enough for 52 tickets.


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