For every 10 Panamanians, 7 suffer from obesity and overweight

The rates of obesity and overweight of the Panamanian population are high, since 7 out of 10 people suffer from these diseases.

Drucila Castillo, regional nutrition coordinator, mentioned that these illnesses begin in childhood and have repercussions in adulthood, her statements were given this morning, in the Metropolitan region, where an orientation and physical activity day was held in commemoration of World Nutrition Day. health.

“We have to stop and reflect, and today we are with the health personnel who, due to this time of pandemic, may have gained some weight and we are providing guidance on healthy lifestyles, physical activity and self-care of your health. health,” he said.

Castillo explains that it is a multidisciplinary work and that the patients who come to the nutritionist are evaluated by taking their weight, height and waist, in addition to care for comorbidity, they are given a nutritional diagnosis and guides them on how to lead healthy lifestyles.

Among the recommendations suggested by the nutritionist are a varied diet, reducing fats and saturated fats, reducing the consumption of sugars, increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, drinking 8 glasses of water and practicing physical activity five days a week, minimum 30 minutes (walks, aerobics).

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